I’m admittedly not a huge football fan. I enjoy watching it and root for the Patriots, but with the busy schedule of running a brewery, I’m just not able to devote a ton of time to watching sports. We’re also not a huge TV family. For the most part, Grace and I reserve TV time as a special treat for Brock. He’s a normal two year old who has a short attention span, so he hasn’t shown a ton of interest in TV anyway.  Well, if you don’t count choo choos, trash trucks, busses and anything else that has a wheel and an engine which he’ll watch ad nauseam.

It was really surprising earlier this season, when, one of the few times I was able to watch a football game, Brock left his toys and came and sat on the couch next to me to watch. And he watched, and watched, and watched. I was blown away by how much the game held his attention.

In the weeks that followed, Brock showed more interest in football. He began to look at me, point at the tv and say, “football?” as his way of asking if we could watch. It became sort of a special bond for us, father and son watching a game together.

So this year’s Super Bowl is a little bit special for me, because I’m looking forward to watching it with my son, explaining to him what it is and why it’s important, and enjoying our time together. Well, until he has to go to bed!

Oh, and what I’ll be drinking? We’ll be at Sugarloaf for the weekend and my plan is to stop at Allagash on the way up and stock up on their House Beer. It’s a nice Belgian single/patersbier with a lower alcohol content, so a nice fit for a Super Bowl party. It’s also a nice substitute for Patriarch, which I’ve been missing a lot recently and haven’t been able to brew since we shut down the Everett facility.

Hope you all have a good time watching the game! Or as good of a time as you can without the Pats playing this year.

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