You’ve already met Brett, Dan, and Josh. Now it’s time to meet another member of our Idle Hands team – Jillian.



How long have you worked at Idle Hands?

I have been at Idle Hands since the new location opened up back in July. We really have a fantastic group working here and I am excited to be a part of this team!

When and how did you first learn about Idle Hands?

I have been a big supporter of local craft beer for years now and I happened to come across Idle Hands at a local beer store (back when they were brewing at their previous location). I picked some up and have been a fan ever since.  

What were you doing before you started working at Idle Hands?

Before Idle Hands, I was a full time stay at home mom to two energetic little ones, Cody and Micayla. To keep my sanity and to have some adult interaction (since most of my days were spent talking to two kids under two and my black lab), I bartended a couple of nights per week at John Brewer’s Tavern in Malden, MA. I really enjoyed my time at JBT and working there expanded my love for craft beer.

What do you like most about working at Idle Hands (besides the beer)?

I really enjoy coming to work every day! Everyone works extremely well together and it is awesome working with people who are as enthusiastic about beer as I am. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to learn from and work with!

Favorite Idle Hands beer?

Very difficult to choose just one, but if I am being forced to pick just one, I would have to go with Check Raise. I had this for the first time this past winter (before I was an employee at Idle Hands) and I was really excited that they were going to have this on tap when we first opened the doors a couple of months ago. American stouts are one of my favorite styles of beer and this one is one of my favorites.

How about your dream 6-pack (with no Idle Hands beers)?

This was a difficult question so I made 2. This 6-pack describes me as a craft beer drinker, what I have stocked in the refrigerator, or make release runs for.

  1. Jack’s AbbyHoponius Union
  2. Sierra NevadaPale Ale
  3. SmuttynoseOld Brown Dog
  4. FoundationEpiphany
  5. CBCAmber
  6. Firestone WalkerVelvet Merlin

This is my Dream 6-pack. Some i’ve tried (and always on the hunt for/ or wish were still around) while others are on my beer bucket list.

  1. Pretty ThingsOur Finest Regards
  2. BellsExpedition Stout
  3. Funky BuddhaHop Gun
  4. DeschutesThe Abyss
  5. Russian RiverPliny the Younger
  6. 3 FloydsZombie Dust

Favorite thing about the new Malden location?

Location! Not only is this minutes from the Orange Line (Malden Station), but as a resident of Medford, it is also less than 10 minutes from my house. It’s great to have such great local beer so close to home.

Favorite bar that carries Idle Hands on tap?

I would probably have to go with Mystic Station. They are a fantastic restaurant with so much to choose from. It also helps that they are right around the corner from our location at IHCA and they supply us with some tasty food right here at the brewery!


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