As we move forward with our plans for a new brewery in Malden, we know many of you have been wondering about Enlightenment Ales. In response to your questions on Facebook, Twitter and Beer Advocate, we thought it was about time we provide you with an update.

In late 2013, we announced a partnership with Enlightenment Ales that brought Ben Howe, the founder, on board as our head brewer. Part of that agreement was to move production of Enlightenment Ales beers to our brewery in Everett. Ben would be responsible for production of both Idle Hands and Enlightenment beers while I concentrated on running the business. Those of you who follow Ben’s blog on the Enlightenment Ales site and Facebook page have learned that he moved to Denmark this past September as we announced the closing of our Everett facility.

Ben had been wanting to learn more about European brewing practices and techniques for a long time, and earlier this year, an opportunity arose for him to become the head brewer at a small farmhouse brewery in rural Denmark. Training abroad was a desire Ben shared with me and when I saw the opportunity open up, I had encouraged him to consider it. We both agreed he couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this to pursue a dream. As a result, Ben is taking a sabbatical from Enlightenment Ales.

What this sabbatical means is that there will be no new Enlightenment Ales beer being brewed at our new Malden location. Rest assured this is just the end of one chapter for Enlightenment Ales, not the entire brand itself.

Knowing how special these beers are to many of you, prior to Ben’s departure, we brewed and bottled several hundred cases of funky brett saisons and Enlightenment Brut. As those beers continue to mature, we have, and will continue to, distribute them to local beer shops and bars until our inventory runs out. So be on the lookout for the following on shelves near you:

  • Titania: Nordic Saison
  • Transcendence: American Farmhouse Ale
  • Verdance: Rustic Wheat Ale
  • Enlightenment Brut: Biere de Champagne
  • Beyond the Infinite: Dark Farmhouse Ale

These will be the last batches of Enlightenment Ales released for the foreseeable future and in my opinion they are some of the best we’ve released to date. Quantities are limited so if you happen to find one on a shelf, grab it!

To help satisfy your cravings for Enlightenment Ales, we will begin brewing beers that share some of the characteristics of those farmhouse and hoppy beers you’ve come to love but under the Idle Hands brand. You’ve already seen some of this happening with Snake Eyes, the farmhouse IPA we brewed late this Summer/early Fall, and Silk, our 4th anniversary red IPA. We’ll continue to brew our classic Belgian and German-style beers, but watch for more of these “Enlightenment-inspired” beers once we’re up and running in Malden.  

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