You’ve seen Brett, Dan, Josh, and Jillian. Now Xandre gets his turn!


How long have you worked at Idle Hands?

Officially since the beginning of July. Before that I volunteered on packaging days and also picked up cases for the liquor store where I worked at the time.


What’s your role at Idle Hands?

I am the assistant brewer and also taproom bartender.


When and how did you first learn about Idle Hands?

I’m sure the first mention was through the internet, looking up local breweries. I started regularly buying Idle Hands in 2012/13; usually grab a bottle to try after stopping at the homebrew store.


What were you doing before you started working at Idle Hands?

I worked at Acton Wine & Spirits as the craft beer buyer. I was also homebrewing way too much.


What do you like most about working at Idle Hands (besides the beer)?

The educative atmosphere. I can pretty much ask Chris & Brett any question about process and ingredients and get some new nugget of information, which is pretty much the place I want to be in at the moment!


Favorite Idle Hands beer?

Adelais is real nice. Batch 2 of Two Seam is kinda absurd.


How about your dream 6-pack (with no Idle Hands beers)?


AnchorageBitter Monk

Firestone WalkerEasy Jack

MysticThe Hum

Hill FarmsteadAnna

Banded HornPepperell Pilsner


Favorite thing about the new Malden location?

Bathrooms. Taproom. Also Malden itself, as I am not (yet) familiar with this area, I know have a new place to explore!


Favorite bar that carries Idle Hands on tap?



You’re a devoted homebrewer. How long have you been homebrewing and what beer have you created that you’re most proud of?

I started in the fall of 2011 doing one-gallon batches in Brooklyn, then moved up to 5 gallon batches once I moved back to Massachusetts in 2012. All grain all the time. My favorite beer thus far is a blended Saison: mostly a saison aged on raspberry with small portions of aged saisons with lots of yeasts and bacteria and even some pale ale. Long bottle fermentation resulted in lovely integration.


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