Our Belgian-inspired ales are developed among some of the finest breweries and craft brewers in the country in Malden, MA. You may have tried these styles through other brewers, but we’re sure you will find that little something extra in our offerings. Choose from our regular line up of year-round offerings or from our seasonal and specialty releases.

Name Style ABV
Patriarch Abbey-Style Table Beer 4.9%
In the spirit of most Trappist breweries, Patriarch is our “patersbier” or “father’s beer”, the first beer brewed when a new pitch of yeast arrives and what is used to grow the yeast for all our other beers. Crisp with a light, grainy malt backbone. Hints of fruit reminiscent of ripe apples and white grape skin play well with the spicy notes of our house yeast.
Triplication Abbey-Style Tripel 9.0%
A high gravity beer inspired by the classic Belgian Trappist Tripels, the spiciness from our house yeast is balanced with a complex melange of ripe peach, pear, pineapple and banana notes. The light malt sweetness in the finish ensures you’ll go back for seconds – or thirds!.
Two Seam Session IPA 4.6%
A two-seam fastball is typically thrown with less “heat” than its more common brother, the four-seam, making it the perfect name for our session IPA. The beer has flavors of orange rind supported by subtle pine and a mild bitterness.


Name Style ABV
Heide Munich Helles Lager 4.6%
Klara Dortmund-Style Lager 5.5%
Rosemary for Remembrance Belgian Pale Ale with Rosemary 6.0%
Emelyn Zwickl Lager 5.8%
A “young”, unfiltered lager brewed in the style of a vienna lager. A touch of toasty malt character balanced by the fruity notes of the yeast that has been left in suspension.
Blanche de Grâce Belgian Wit 4.6%
A Wit made in the traditional sense with unmalted wheat and spiced with citrus peel and coriander. Fermented with yeast in such a way as to add additional fruit complexity without the usual spiciness. This beer is unfiltered and cloudy as a hazy summer afternoon. The light tartness in the finish makes it the perfect beer to quench your thirst after a hard days work.
Adelais German-Style Pilsner 5.2%
A nod to the venerable German Pilsner. Crafted with a blend of three pilsner malts and hopped with classic Hallertau Hersbrucker and newcomer Saphir, the end result is a beer with clean, crisp malt character, balanced bitterness and delicate noble and light citrus hop notes.
Brocktoberfest Fest Beer  5.6%
Our interpretation of the festival lagers served during Oktoberfest in Munich. These beers have become drier over the years with less caramel character, but our version retains the malt complexity for which the style is known. So whether you’re in Munich or not, you can still toast like a Bavarian, “Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa!”
Brunhilda Munich-Style Dark Lager  5.7%
First Pitch! Belgian-Style Hoppy Rye Pale Ale 5.5%
Four Horsemen Quadruple Ale  11.8%


Name Style ABV
34 Porter 6.7%
A robust porter for a robust player, this is a tribute to David Ortiz, showing our appreciate and love for a Boston legend. 34 will assault your palate with flavors of dark chocolate, burnt caramel and dark fruit while the sturdy malt body provides ample strength to hit anything thrown at it. A touch of sweetness persists through the finish balancing out the strong character found throughout the beer.
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Triplication Abbey-Style Tripel 10.0%
Change Up! #1 Rotating IPA Series
Dry-hopped with Citra, Cascade, Azacca and Palisade. It will give you a nose full of grapefruit and grass, with flavors of citrus zest and stone fruits.
Change Up! #2 Rotating IPA Series
Triple Dry-Hopped w/ Azacca, Centennial, Amarillo and Mosaic. Strong orange character with hints of guava and grapefruit. Lighter malt body than Change Up #1.
Charlton Rouge Flemish-Style Red Ale 5.5%
Reminiscent of the famous Flanders Red sour ales of Belgium, it is complex in flavor and aroma with notes of vanilla, oak, plum, green apple and sour cherries. Tannins from the oak barrel aging add structure to the mouth and balance to the soft acidity.
Czech for Charles Czech-Style Pilsner 4.9%
Crisp and refreshing with a light bready malt character. The saaz hops lend touches of spice to the finish as well as a pleasant floral note to the nose. Brewed with Charles River water in conjunction with Boston HUBWeek and the Charles River Conservancy.
Darkness Prevails Barrel-Aged Tart Belgian Stout 8.0%
Inspired by the Grateful Dead song, Eyes of the World. “Right outside the lazy gate of winter’s summer home…” A hazy appearance from the large amount of wheat used in the brewing process, it has a light malt character with notes of bread. The hops come across as orange and grapefruit citrus flavors, with undertones of melon, gooseberry and white grape skin.
Proème Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale 4.9%
A warm fermentation-created and exceptionally dry, but refreshing beer with flavors of tropical fruit, bubblegum and pepper coming through in both the nose and flavor.
Sig Sour Dry-Hopped Sour Ale 4%
Pale straw in color with strong sour lemon/lime/citrus notes and a touch of tropical fruit. Very refreshing.
Swarm Honey Barleywine 9.3%
Swarm comes from our love of honey and malt and need to combine the two. It is brewed with over 20 lbs of honey per barrel and lightly bittered to allow for the character of the orange blossom varietal honey to really shine. Late addition hopping with Amarillo and Hallertau Hersbrucker helps to emphasize the flavorful orange character while the honey itself reveals an interesting bouquet of flowers on the nose.
Vigorish Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout 10.9%
The common gambling term “The Vig” comes from the Russian word Vigorish and refers to the cut or take of the house. In a similar fashion, our interpretation of an Imperial Stout required a cut from the brewing gods in the form of the angel’s share as it aged in barrels for 8 full months. In that time, the flavors mellowed into a mélange of bittersweet and decadent dark chocolate with notes of toffee, vanilla and dark brown sugar.
Wood (5th Anniversary Beer) Smoked Helles Lager 4.9%
Light malt body with a touch of honey character. Smoke is subdued, yet adds a pleasant character to the finish, which comes across as honeyed BBQ (rather than bacon).


Name Style ABV
Absence of Light Belgian-Style Stout 7.4%
Amber You Harlot! Belgian Amber Ale with Spices 5.3%
B^3 Barrel-Aged Tripel with Brettanomyces 10.0%
Barrel-Aged Lazarus Flanders Oud Bruin 10.0%
Bluma Maibock 6.5%
Check Raise American Stout 6.4%
Cognition Abbey-Style Session Brown 4.7%
Colored Up American Pale Lager 5.5%
Croupier Honey Saison 5.9%
D’aison Dark Saison 6.7%
Dimples Redux Abbey-Style Dubbel 8.3%
Dubbel Dimples Abbey-Style Dubbel 7.5%
Epoch Belgian Strong Dark Ale 9.5%
Heads Up Play: Germany IPA with German Hops  6.6%
Heads Up Play: USA IPA with American Hops  6.6%
Innocence of Amber Belgian Amber Ale 5.3%
Maginot Berliner Weissbier 4.6%
Pandora Belgian-Inspired Pale Ale 6.0%
Roggenwein Rye Beer 12.0%
Silk Red IPA 7.0%
Snake Eyes Farmhouse IPA 6.1%
Three Card Monte Farmhouse Ale  6.5%