PandoraNAME: Pandora

STYLE: Belgian Pale Ale / IPA

MALTS: Pilsen, Pale, Biscuit, Caramunich and Special B

HOPS: Magnum, Goldings, Aurora, Cascade

OG: 1.058

IBUs: 30

ABV: 6.0

TASTING NOTES: A medium bodied beer that marries the light fruit and spice characteristics of the Idle Hands house yeast with the hoppiness of an American Pale Ale.  The late kettle additions and dry hopping with American hops combine with the soft round malt profile to create flavors of citrus & grapefruit, light toast and hints of white pepper and allspice.

ABOUT PANDORA: The Greek myth of Pandora has been interpreted in many ways but one common understanding is that she is the woman who, out of curiosity, opened a box which released the evils of all mankind.  Pandora was the first woman, a gift from the gods to man. What most do not realize is that her name means “all-giving” as each god contributed to creating Pandora by giving her unique, seductive gifts. Regardless of which version of the myth you follow, you should know that her curiosity ultimately enabled one key gift to remain in the box for man for eternity – the gift of hope.

As our first gift and flagship beer, we hope Pandora  awakens your curiosity without harm and keeps the promise of hope of an amazing adventure in craft beer.

Pandora also happens to be the name of Chris’ first dog!