NAME: Patriarch

STYLE: Patersbier / Belgian Single

MALTS: 100% Pilsen

HOPS: varies

OG: 1.054

IBUs: 22

ABV: varies (batch #1 = 5.8%)


TASTING NOTES: Crisp with a light, grainy malt backbone.  Hints of fruit reminiscent of ripe apples and white grape skin play well with the spicy notes of the Idle Hands house yeast.  Bitterness is balanced and although the variety of hops can vary from batch to batch, they will always contribute a light herbal and earthy character to the beer.

ABOUT PATRIARCH: In the spirit of most Trappist breweries, Patriarch is our “patersbier” or “father’s beer” that will only be available within the brewery.  Patriarch is the first beer brewed when a new/fresh pitch of yeast arrives from the yeast god and is used to grow the yeast for all the other Idle Hands beers.   In essence, it is the father of all our beers.

You can only get your hands on Patriarch at the brewery during growler hours.  When it is gone, it is gone until the next time we  refresh our yeast.