This week I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our favorite offerings packaged in June of 2017, and released in July but just hit a major milestone recently.  Three Card Monte, is our mixed culture farmhouse ale brewed with rose petals, rose hips, and hibiscus.  It is the 5th offering produced from our 2017 “Funky Town” Program.  For those of of you not familiar with our mixed culture program, we’ve dedicated one of our stainless steal tanks to a house blended culture combining select strains of farmhouse saccromyces, brettanomyces and lactobacillus.  Last year we brewed six different beers into this tank without cleaning the tank in between batches, allowing our mixed culture to acclimate and shine.  Think of it like a fouder made of stainless steal instead of wood.  Usually, we release these beers about spending about 6 weeks in “Funky Town” and then conditioned for 6 weeks in the bottle for proper carbonation and development.  But since these beers contain active cultures, they can continue to develop the beer if stored properly.  From our observations here at the brewery, I think these beers really hit their stride after 7 months.  I’ve been wowed as the tartness of the lacto cultures becomes soft any lemony and the brett peaks with tropical and vinous flavors.  Three Card Monte has just hit that 7 month mark so we cracked one to see if it has followed the trend.

A bright nose of fresh flowers, mixed berries and a touch of brett funk.  The flavors are full and rounded with zinfandel-like tannins, gala apples, light raspberry and blackberry with a tart and dry finish.  A perfect accompaniment for soft ripened cheese, spring vegetable salads and white meats.  If you’ve been cellaring your bottles, now is a perfect time to share one.  If you’ve run out, we still have bottles available to-go at our taproom.
Three Card Monte
Mixed Culture Farmhouse Ale
–Lead Brewer Brett Bauer
Read more about our Funky Town Program:

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We’re on to Adelais and Four Seam

Join us on Wednesday as release both Adelais and Four Seam in cans and on draft. Chris Beli-Tkach has more on the release in the video below.  

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Brewer’s Spotlight: Change Up #10

  With our supply of Four Seam and Six Seam looking low this week (thanks for a great weekend, all!), I’d like to turn our attention to our third and most curious heavily hopped American-style offering, Change Up #10. As always, we love to utilize our Change Up series to test our boundaries and methods […]

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