Employee Spotlight: Brett Bauer, Brewer

As we get closer to re-opening this summer in Malden, we’ve been giving you behind the scenes access to the more interesting operational things we’re doing to get ready – construction progress, alcohol license status, beer decisions.

Continuing with that line of thinking, we thought it would be cool to put a spotlight on the people who make this place run – our employees. Or maybe at this point I should say our employee, since Brett’s the only one right now.

He won’t be alone for long though. It’s time to start hiring again! If you’d like to join us and work at Malden’s first craft brewery, look at the positions below, see if you’re a fit and apply. Maybe the next Employee Spotlight could be you.

Tap Room Manager (Full-Time)

Assistant Tap Room Manager (Full-Time)

Tap Room Bartenders (Full & Part-Time)


Now onto our Spotlight Q&A with Brett!


How long have you worked at Idle Hands?

BB: 2 years (exactly as of May 5, Cinco de Mayo)

What were you doing before you started working at Idle Hands?

BB: Working in biotech manufacturing, making treatments for hemophilia and cancer. I would propagate cell lines, pitch them into a nutrient solution, wait about two weeks then send the raw product off for filtration and packaging… sound familiar?

What do you like most about working at Idle Hands (besides the beer)?

BB: Besides that fact that being a brewer is the best job in the world? I’m very proud of the the beer we produce. We get to research and produce a wide array of styles that are influenced from the most historically profound brewing regions around the world, such as Germany and Belgium, to the more modern and popular US styles.

Favorite Idle Hands beer?

BB: Adelais. I’ve missed her dearly during this relocation process.

How about your dream 6-pack (with no Idle Hands beers)?

BB: Rising Tide Daymark, Foundation Epiphany, Ipswich Oatmeal Stout, Enlightenment Rite of Spring, Urban Chestnut Zwickelbier, and Mayflower Summer Rye

Favorite thing about the new Malden location?

BB: I’m going to love having the taproom. It was so disappointing in the old location to not be able to offer a place to for people to stop, relax, and take their time to enjoy our beers. Plus, I wholeheartedly believe that German lagers should never be served 2oz at a time and I can’t wait to start serving mugs of ours to everyone.

What’s your proudest moment while working at Idle Hands?

BB: Luckily for me, I have more than one really proud moment (some I can’t mention yet) at Idle Hands. I guess the first one that comes to mind was after I got to produce my first professional original recipe (Iron Garde, Biere de Mars) from concept to packaging. I went to the first bar that tapped it (Redbones in Somerville) sat at the bar by myself and ordered a full glass. It felt like a finish line for everything it took to research the recipe and execute the process (and not F*** it up!). Plus, getting to drink an original beer that I made, in a real bar, was the kind of thing I daydreamed about while working in biotech.

Favorite bar that carries Idle Hands on tap?

BB: All of them. From starting off as a self distributing brewery, I’m really grateful to all of the bars that went though the extra effort to work with us directly to put our beer on their taps. And I’m grateful for all of those that went though the added effort to stick with us through the transition to Craft Collective!

That being said, Atwood’s Tavern always feels like the homefield.

Finally, why do you think there are so many gingers in the brewing world? What’s up with that?

BB: You tell me. You’re the guy that’s ONLY hired red-headed Assistant Brewers at Idle Hands so far haha!


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